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Zorina London has lived a very interesting life; she’s a former Beauty Pageant winner, Model, Variety show choreographer / lead dancer, TV Show Host, and Playboy Bunny. Yes, Playboy Bunny! After winning a local beauty pageant, and being crowned “Miss Knights Of Honor” in 1973, Zorina later became a Playboy Bunny at the San Francisco Playboy Club. There she began her professional singing career, being billed as “The Singing Bunny”.

 Zorina “Alisha” London (born Carolyn A. London of Manny Louisiana), better known as “The Black Pearl of Asia”, hails from San Francisco CA. and now resides in Taipei Taiwan. Currently employed at Taipei’s “ORTV” (Overseas radio and Television), a Missionary / English teaching company, where she uses her skills as an Actress, Song Writer / Producer, and Gospel / Inspirational Recording Artist. Zorina gave her heart to the LORD in 1992 and has now given her life completely to the LORD using all of her gifts and talent to Glorify GOD. She looks forward to being used by the LORD in the lives of those that are hurting and in need all over the world.

黑珍珠過去有著耐人尋味的生活; 她得過選美冠軍,當過模特兒,做過舞蹈指導,主舞者,電視節目主持人, 以及花花公子兔女郎。沒錯,在1973年她贏得”榮譽武士小姐”皇冠的殊榮, 不久後, 成為舊金山花花公子兔女郎。在那裏開始了她專業的演唱的生涯, 被視為”歌手兔女郎”

在路易斯安那州出生的黑珍珠,原名卡洛琳‧倫敦,但她更為人熟知的名字是:亞洲的「黑珍珠」),來自舊金山, 現居於台北,現任職於台北ORTV(救世傳播協會), 一個宣教及英語教學的組織,擔任演員及歌曲寫作及製作, 福音歌手以及表演藝術總監。1992年黑珍珠將她的生 命完全然地奉獻給主,她全心期待能為 主所用,成為世上被傷害靈魂的需要。

 The LORD has stationed this enthusiastic woman of GOD in Asia where He has sent her out into the field as a Missionary, Evangelist, Prayer Warrior, and Worshiper in Song, and Dance. She has Ministered in Singapore, Malaysia (East, West, and North), Indonesia, and through out Taiwan. Having a deep love and concern for the youth, Zorina records Inspirational CD’S to encourage the youth of Asia. London, along with co/workers (Teachers / Missionaries) sponsored by ORTV takes the time to go to the Schools (Universities, High Schools, Junior High, and some Elementary) over the Island of Taiwan, teaching and Ministering to 50,000 up to 100,000 children each year.

主將這位火熱的使女差遣到亞洲,成為一位宣教士、代禱勇士,及以歌聲及舞蹈的敬拜者,她的服事遍及新加坡、馬來西亞(東部、西部、及北 部)、印尼、及全台。因為對於年輕的一代有極深的負擔,在救世傳播協會的安排下,黑珍珠更是深入全台各地的校園,從小學到大學,每年接觸超過五到十萬的 學青。

Asia has become Zorina’s second home, and the people of Asia have become her second family.  She has even been given a Chinese name “Hei Zhen Zhu” which means “Black Pearl”. The Black Pearl is a very rare, and a very special pearl through out all of Asia, and so is this Charming, Multi Talented vocalist and performer Zorina London. Is she a great Vocalist and Performer? Yes! Is she only a Vocalist and performer? No! This anointed Renaissance woman is also a Gospel Playwright  (Having her first play “Restoration” considered by Broadway), Director, Actress, Poet, Author, Song Writer and, Dancer. To add to her credits Zorina is a Motivational Speaker for the youth of Taiwan (she has also been called upon to speak at public schools- junior high and high school in San Francisco CA.).

現在,亞洲已儼然成為黑珍珠的第二個家,而亞洲人也成了她的家人。她甚至取了一個中文名字「黑珍珠」(Black Pearl),因為即使在亞洲,黑珍珠也是非常稀有的物品。所以這中文名字和這位迷人又多才多藝的歌手和藝人是名符其實的。她是不是最優秀的歌手和藝人 呢?答案是: 是的。然而她是否僅止於是一位歌手和藝人呢?當然不是的!她更是一位福音劇作家、導演、女演員、作家、詩人、及舞者……她對台灣的青少年來說,是一位富有啟發性的演說家,毫無疑問,她是一顆真正的「黑珍珠」。

 Zorina London Organized, Produced, and Hosted the first Gospel Sunday Brunch in the history of Taiwan “Black Pearl’s Gospel / Soul / and Jazz for JESUS Sundays”, the outreach was held at Taipei’s Internationally know Jazz Club and Restaurant “Brown Sugar” for several months in early 2008. In the year 2009, by the miraculous hand of GOD, Zorina was ordained an Evangelist. Evangelist Zorina London, (known by her Church family as Evangelist Zee) is under the covering of  “In The Place Of GOD Ministries Inc” Dade City Florida, and leadership of Apostle / Pastor Saundra Coward. Evangelist Zee has also served on Ecclesiastic International Ministry Team under the leadership of Founder, Bishop / Prophet Mark Mclean of Kingston Jamaica since 2008. Being Anointed and Appointed by GOD, with a Desire to help the poor and the needy, a Longing to be used by GOD, to loose those that are bound, a Passion for reconciling lost souls back to GOD through JESUS Christ, and a Heart for the Mission Field; Evangelist Zee is truly a woman after GOD’S own heart!

早在2008年間, 黑珍珠曾在台北最出名的黑糖爵士餐廳,策劃主持一個「為耶穌而唱~周日下午的福音﹑靈魂及爵士音樂」現場時段。2009年上帝有再度伸出奇蹟的手,按立她成為佛州『神聖殿事工』的駐外宣教士並稱她為宣教士 Zee,和Founder Bishop / Prophet Mark Mclean of Kingston Jamaica 的領袖。上帝恩膏她,透國服事,讓的愛和能力被主使用,幫助更多窮困的,藉由耶穌基督釋放更多被綑綁的靈魂。宣教士 Zee成為一個真正屬神心意的使女

Singing in five languages French, Spanish, Taiwanese, Chinese, and of course English, with Chinese being one of her favorite, and most challenging languages. “GOD has anointed me to sing Gospel songs in the Chinese language (Mandarin)” says the Black Pearl. The Chinese didn’t only give her a new name; they’ve also given her a new title, “The Godmother of Chinese Gospel” GMOM. Already having the titles “The Goddaughter of Soul” (after touring with the “Godfather of Soul James Brown” in the 1980s), “One of the Hardest Working Women in Show Business”, “The Dawlin of Nawlins” (“Darling of New Orleans”) while touring Europe with “Saint Gabriel’s Celestial Brass Band” as their Grand Marshal), “The Entertainers Entertainer” (Dubbed by her peers), among many others. The title “The Godmother of Chinese Gospel” says London, is one of her greatest honors bestowed upon her.

黑珍珠曾在世界各地最頂尖的爵士音樂節表演,其中與他合作過的知名藝人樂手包括;Legends BB King, Tony Bennett, Marlena Shaw, Clarence Gate Mouth Brown, Taj Mahal, Chick Corea, Phil Collins, Saint Gabriel’s Celestial Brass Band (as “The Darling of New Orleans”) and more…  她可以演唱五種不同語言的歌曲,包括法文、西班牙文、台語、中文……當然還有英文。目前,中文已經成為她最喜愛,也最具有挑戰性的一種語言。黑珍珠說:「上帝已經指定,要我用中文唱出福音歌曲。」;更給了她一個新頭銜:「華語靈魂福音音樂教母」GMOM。已經擁有「靈魂樂教女」之稱的黑珍珠 (在一九八○年與「靈魂樂教父」詹姆斯布朗共同巡迴演出之後)、「在演藝事業中最努力的女人」、「新奧爾良的寵兒」(在歐洲巡迴演 出時,擔任「聖加百列天使管樂團」總領隊時)、「藝人中的藝人」……等頭銜的她,而她自己覺得「華語靈魂福音音樂教母」是她所獲得最光榮的頭銜。

Miss London recorded her first album in 1980 and has continued to record through out the years in the US as well as Asia. Having her first Gospel CD “Because of You” released in Asia 2007, as well as three Inspirational youth CDs  “Party In The Classroom”, “Challenge Yourself”, and “I Like It”, 2008 / 2009. London’s latest CD, “ Get Your Praise On” (a Hip-Hop Praise & Worship CD for the youth), was released in May of 2010. During her stay in Taiwan she has appeared on one of Taiwan and China’s top TV shows “Chung Fei (Da Ge) Variety show”, TV movie “Ashley’s Private Soap”, GOOD TV’S “Oh My GOD ” and River Music Gospel music programs, and has been the voice on many TV Jingles. Zorina London has been one of the featured vocalist in several Taiwan Jazz festivals along with the Soulful “Queen of Pop Wong Xao Hu” and many other great Artist, and has also performed with Taiwan’s “Soul and R&B singer Harlem” in sell out Hong Kong concerts. February of 2008, Zorina performed in Singapore and Indonesia’s Chinese New Year Gospel Outreach Concerts, in November of 2008, Taipei’s “Franklin Graham Festival”(along with World Renown Gospel Jazz Pianist, Pastor Huntley Brown of Chicago, and a host of others), also 2010’s Singapore and Indonesia’s Chinese New Year Gospel Outreach Concerts, and Taipei’s 2010 World Cup celebration.

從1980開始,黑珍珠在美國和亞洲錄製無數的專輯,2007年她推出首張福音專輯『因為 祢』, 及在2008/2009年間發行對青少年極富啟發的三張專輯如”學校歡樂派對” “突破自我”及”我喜歡”, 並在2010年5月所發行以年輕人所熟悉的嘻哈方式呈現的”Get Your Praise On”。在台灣期間,她上過台港最受歡迎的主持人張菲(菲哥)的綜藝節目、電視影片「艾西里的私密肥皂劇」、Good TV的「心靈不打烊」以及音樂河的音樂節目;另外她的聲音也在許多有名的電視廣告上出現過。黑珍珠是在幾次台灣爵士音樂節中與「流行樂天后黃小琥」及 許多極端優秀的藝人同台演出的幾位極具特色的歌手之一,並且曾與台灣的靈魂樂與R&B歌手哈林(瘐澄慶)在門票銷售一空的香港演唱會上一同演出。2008年,黑珍珠在新加坡,印尼都有大型的萬人表演,甚至受邀參與台北的葛福臨福音節慶中與世界級的福音爵士鋼琴家, 從芝加哥來的Huntley Brown牧師, 及其他貴賓同台演出。同時在2010年, 黑珍珠參與在新加坡,印尼的大型聚會, 以及2010在台北的世界杯慶典皆有精彩演出.

The LORD has used Zorina London in the U.S.A. as well; she is a Congressional Award Holder, a Recipient of two Certificates of Honor, one from the city of San Francisco, the other from the Church for the Fellowship of all People, also in San Francisco. These Awards were presented to her for her help in the Community and her concern for the people using the Arts as a vehicle to enlighten, to inform and to bless them. For the pass seven years she has held the position of International Outreach Representative / Assistant Creative Director for Black Repertory Theater in Berkeley CA. Having her performances broadcasted through out North America, South America, Europe and Asia. At the age of 55, it was prophesied; Evangelist Zee is on her way to becoming a household name, and a force to reckon with for the Kingdom of Heaven! This many facetted Diamond of San Francisco, has gone on to become, the “Black Pearl of Asia” and she gives” GOD” all the Praise, and all of the Glory!!!

在美國,主一樣擅用黑珍珠:她擁有一個國會獎章、兩份榮譽證書; 一份由舊金山市政府頒發、另一份也是來自舊金山市,由提供全體市民團契的教會所頒發,而她能獲得這些獎項也都是因為那些受到她幫助的社區,以及她所關注的那些被她的表演藝術所啟發及賦與活力的人們的推薦。 7年來,她成為州柏克萊國際黑人劇院國際外展部的代表,她的表演在北美、南美、歐洲和亞洲廣為傳播。在55歲這年,宣教士Zee黑珍珠,這位來自舊金山閃閃發光的藝人要以”亞洲的黑珍珠”在神的 國度中成為一個家喻戶曉的名字 ,然而她要將這一切的讚美與榮耀都獻與神!